The Bookstore is a podcast for book discussion and reviews hosted by former booksellers (and, briefly, housemates) Becca and Corinne, who are desperate to have books back in their lives.

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Becca Younk

Becca’s primary goal in life is to be 18th century abolitionist Quaker dwarf Benjamin Lay. She has a BA in English and has lived in the UK and Australia. Becca likes weightlifting (DM her your clean and jerk PR) and the television show Bones (DM her your best Brennan/Booth fanfic).

What she likes in her reading is tragedy, complicated magic systems, and an overall atmosphere of weirdness. What she doesn’t like is a far longer list. 

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Corinne Keener

Corinne has degrees in English and Photography and does something completely boring and unrelated in order to pay her mortgage. She has important opinions about pickles (1. they're the best food, 2. anything pickled is a pickle, 3. it's dill relish or GTFO of this backyard BBQ). She could write you a really, really good online dating profile if you want.

Corinne prefers literary fiction and is very skeptical about first person present tense. She'll read any book with at least two of the three following descriptions in the jacket copy: haunting, unsettling, fever dream.

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